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D Design

For residential projects, more than half of our designing effort is spent outside designing. And that is in understanding you as an individual - your needs, your wants, your dreams!


In essence, designing is an iterative and collaborative effort for us and we like it that way because it makes you part of the designing-your-home process. Having you a part of this process makes it more fulfilling.


E Execute

Putting shape to the design concepts is very critical to realize what a designer has envisaged at the end. During execution we take care of minutest of details to make it happen. Everything in execution can be attributed to cost, and we try and minimize the cost at every opportunity to ensure delivering the best value to our clients at the right price.

We have teams of deft carpenters from Rajasthan who have been working with us for several years now. We trust them as they know our quality standards, timeline requirements and design specifications. In addition to this we also have teams of quality painters, polishers, civil contractors and other group of workmen to execute any project on a turnkey basis.

C Consult

Whether you are looking for fresh interiors, minor revamp or major makeovers; we can assist you with anything and everything related to interiors including -

- Design consultation

- Space planning consultation

- Color and Paint selection and suggestions

- Fabric & Furniture selection and suggestions 

- Re-purposing & rearranging old furniture for quick makeovers

- Vaastu, Feng-shui suggestions

- Project Management and Coordination

- Material consultation

- Budgeting for an interior project

M Makeovers

If you feel your home needs a facelift or you have gotten bored with your existing interiors and want to spruce up your home or commercial space, we can help you do exactly that. 


However, we would caution that this kind of work does get messier sometimes and if possible, we would prefer you not live in the house while we are at work. A good time to do this would be when you are planning for a vacation or trip outside for couple of weeks and can manage to hand over the place to us.  We have done it for couple of friends in the past and it has worked out better!

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