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About Entracte

"Entracte: Elevating Spaces, Defining You

Pioneering the realm of interior design from Bangalore, Entracte stands as a distinguished force. Our forte encompasses both residential and commercial interiors, offering an integrated approach that spans from conceptualization to execution.

At the core of our philosophy lies the fusion of style, comfort, and appropriateness to breathe life into spaces that resonate with 'you' – your personality, your dreams.

We perceive the journey from house to home as transformative. In founding Entracte, we embarked on this very journey with the aspiration to be your companions. Our mission is to aid you in crafting your home, translating it from imagination to reality. Our aim is for your space to emanate the same care and warmth you've invested in creating it.

The Design phase serves as the canvas where we collaborate to refine your vision, ensuring alignment with your taste, priorities, needs, and aspirations.

The Execution phase breathes life into these designs. We command a brigade of master craftsmen, suppliers, and contractors, all orchestrated to match your timelines and resources.

In entirety, our expertise extends from project conception to delivery and beyond. With over 600 projects accomplished across India, we extend our gratitude to each client who has entrusted us with this privilege."

Sarika Singh

Meet Our Visionary: Founder and Principal Designer.

With a rich portfolio of over 600 turnkey projects executed across various Indian cities, our esteemed Founder and Principal Designer is the driving force behind Entracte's success.

From a young age, her passion for design was evident. After completing her professional degree in interiors, she embarked on a journey that led her to collaborate with renowned architects in India before venturing into independent practice.

Her approach to design is characterized by a perfect blend of collaboration and innovation. She thrives on working with clients who actively engage in the creative process while allowing designers the freedom to explore innovative and imaginative solutions. This dynamic, she believes, yields the most outstanding results.

Her journey is a testament to her dedication to the art of design and her commitment to crafting spaces that truly resonate with individuals.

Join us in celebrating the expertise and creativity of our Founder and Principal Designer, the heart and soul of Entracte's design philosophy.

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