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About Us

Welcome to Entracte, where we seamlessly fuse style, comfort, and appropriateness to breathe life into spaces that resonate with 'you' – your personality, your dreams. Nestled in the vibrant city of Bangalore, Entracte has emerged as a leading force in the dynamic field of interior design, setting new benchmarks and redefining aesthetics. At the heart of our philosophy is a relentless pursuit of quality in interior design. We take pride in pushing boundaries and exploring creative possibilities, making Entracte synonymous with cutting-edge concepts that enrich your living and working experiences. Versatility is the cornerstone of our design approach.


Specializing in residential and commercial interiors, we seamlessly blend functionality with beauty. From crafting cozy homes to developing smart and green business areas, our expertise spans a spectrum of situations, ensuring a tailored approach for every project. Our integrated design philosophy ensures a comprehensive journey from conceptualization to implementation. We take pride in understanding our client's unique needs and preferences. Thus creating spaces featuring a combination of our signature designs with the unique personalities of those who live in them.

Our visionary team, comprised of skilled designers, project managers, and department heads, drives Entracte's success. Collaborating seamlessly, they bring extensive experience and a keen understanding of current design trends to every project. Entracte is more than just an interior design company. Join us on a journey where every space is a story waiting to unfold.

Our Founder/CEO

Sarika Singh

An ever-passionate leader steering Entracte to deliver memorable transitions from house to home since 2002. With a rich portfolio boasting over 600 turnkey projects across various Indian cities, Sarika is the Founder, CEO, and Principal Designer, driving Entracte's success.


From a young age, Sarika's passion for design was evident, propelling her to complete a professional degree in interior design. Her journey began with collaborations with renowned architects in India, eventually leading to the establishment of her independent practice.

The design approach embraced by Sarika is marked by a perfect blend of collaboration and innovation. She enjoys working closely with clients who actively engage in the creative process, providing the freedom for designers to explore imaginative solutions. This dynamic, she believes, yields the most outstanding results.

As highlighted in The CEO Magazine, her leadership has played a pivotal role in Entracte's journey. Sarika's commitment to the art of design and her role as the heart and soul of Entracte's design philosophy are key aspects in delivering memorable transitions, turning houses into homes that resonate with individuals.

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Awards & Recognition

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