Adarsh Palm Retreat Villas, Phase 3, Bangalore


This luxury villa is a birdhouse, an escape from stress and epitomizes family friendly comfort. It features custom made furniture and decor in a dreamy color palette. The modern contemporary with fusion, natural and traditional finishes implemented for the design, compliments the stature of the Client. Each characteristic of the Villa - elegant stone carving, modern design fused traditional touches, humble/ serene color selection, customary brick cladding, warm toned veneer spread across, all is a clear reflection of the clients themselves. Come let us checkout this Stunning Home!

Bellezea, Bangalore


The project carries an amalgamation of modern & traditional style with an essence of colonial touch. The minimalist approach of our designs enhance the natural light all over. The fusion of colours is played well with absolute sobriety maintained. The dining is kept bright which reflects energy & preserves the tranquility.

The entire project was designed and delivered within 5 months.


Adarsh Palm Retreat, Bangalore

Once we take a tour of the gallery, we would experience the grandeur of the apartment . We have nested our designs in  contemporary with a traditional touch. The  dining area adjacent to the kitchen is the heart of the house which is rich in color & vibrant.

Executed in 2016, within 3 months.

Zonasha Paradiso, Bangalore

One of the exciting projects we were involved in the last couple of years which our design and execution team thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. The client had a collection of artefacts and showpieces acquired from across the world, that we kept as the central theme, around which the entire space was designed - mostly in a traditional style. Mirror works make the areas look stylish and give a feeling of openness. Stone clad wall area is one of the prime attractions and the idols give a very positive vibe all around.


This project was completed within 3 months.

Adarsh Serenity, Bangalore

This  villa project was finished in 2017.

The designs here are kept modern.  Storage planning & space utilization was one of key aspects in this project. The taste of contemporary  excellence  is felt right from the  beginning  in the foyer where the criss-cross pattern of the console is  made identical to the foyer false ceiling. Red  is used in different parts of the  house which radiates energy & manifests the symbol of power. 

It took 3 months to complete  this project. 

3 BHK Apartment, Patna


The modern & traditional design style brought into a single frame in the living area. The contrasting appearance of the living area comes through nicely amidst the peach & red soft furnishing colours. Kitchen designed in grey & black gives it a gothic look. The dark theme is well complemented with the matt texture and colour of the woodwork. In the master bedroom the pine shade of the wood represents sophistication.

The clients were happy to get their dream house ready in just 4 months.

Rainbow, Bangalore

This whitefield project was completed in year 2010. Everything in this house except the four outer walls and structural beams/pillars were brought down and remodelled to suit our design requiements.


This project was completed in 6 months including all the civil changes the design required.

Model Apartment, Bangalore


Designed this project as a model apartment for a 1500+ SFT 3BHK housing complex in Whitefield. The builder gave a steep requirement for maximum space utilization with ample storage.

Duration: Completed within 2 months , 2012-13

Paradise, Bangalore​


This villa was conceptualised, designed and executed in 2013. All the items seen in the pictures are executed by our people at site.


This project was completed within  4 months from design till delivery.

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Living Area